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Having quality roofing is one of the most important aspects of homeownership. It impacts curb appeal, home repairs, and protection of your household belongings. Roof repairs ensure that issues are addressed before they become difficult to solve and require a whole new roof.

Quality roofing is rooted in how the services are provided. A project manager should be able to inform you what damages have occurred, what steps they will take, and what materials and labor will include and cost.

How Do Roofs Wear And Tear?

There is an assortment of different issues that your roof goes through during its lifespan. Most roofs have a warranty for approximately ten years, giving it forty season changes and countless rainy days and snowy nights.

Especially in Southeastern Idaho, there are a lot of weather issues that impact our roofs on the daily, with little time from one extreme to the next.

Heating Issues

In the summer, especially in recent years, the heat has been out of control in Southeastern Idaho. This has been additionally impactful on the roofs in the area. The heat from the sunlight shingles are reflecting can cause them to blister or buckle or curl on themselves, ruining the streamlined appearance and the ability for effective maintenance.

Especially because of the extreme change in temperatures even from morning to noon, roofs in the Meridian area are at higher risk of damage by heat. Issues caused by hot temperatures can worsen the problems that can happen because of wind, dampness, or other factors.

Snake River Winds

Idaho is somewhat notable for its almost constant winds. Blustery days are difficult for materials even in roofing. Over time, winds can pull and push around the shingles, even tearing them off if the wind is high enough or the roof is old or damaged.

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Cold and Damp

Snow is another heavy hitter in Idaho – literally and figuratively. For being considered almost a desert, a lot of frozen water accumulates during the winter. Having this pressure on your roof can cause buckling, and the rapid freezing and thawing of spring can create tears – followed by leaks – from your roof.

Other forms of precipitation can also wreak havoc on commercial roofing. Heavy and sudden rainfall can cause roof sagging if routine roof maintenance hasn’t been done or if the shingles and sealant are too old to be effective. Leaks that have been left unaddressed can cause everything from rot on your roof to plants growing on your shingles.

Impact Issues

Hail is particularly notorious for roof damage. Whether creating dings in your metal roofing or knocking off and breaking shingles and granules, sharp and hard hail pieces have all the negatives of snow and water impacts. They are also usually small enough to get into areas where water would normally cause issues and then thaw inside the house.

Hail especially is an issue that strips and cracks shingles and the coatings needed to protect your roof and home. This can wash the granules from shingles into the gutters and makes the shingles bald and ineffective.


The older your roofing becomes, the more it will need roof repair, or at least roof inspections, to ensure that it is up to par. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t take advantage of this, and time takes its toll on their roofs. Most manufacturers only provide a ten-year warranty for roofs that could last twenty years because of the lack of upkeep causing additional problems to aging roofs.


Proper ventilation is one of the main concerns for ruining new roof maintenance, or simply new roofs. In any weather, ventilation is necessary. When winter hits, the area under the roof will be cold and unheated, but the main house will be warm and full of water. When not ventilated, this can cause condensation on the inside of the roof, causing a whole host of damp issues.

In hot weather, your roof can burn from the inside, requiring a full roof replacement. It is hot inside as well as out in the summer, but without any ventilation, your attic area will trap in additional heat like a convection oven. This will also make adhesives brittle and less effective.

These types of issues won’t just damage a few square feet of roofing. This will impact the entire underside, and it can require additional professional services and even full roof re-construction.


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Our location has received an A from Better Business Bureau in regard to our professional services. It’s important to us that you understand what is going on with your roof and why we use quality roofing. We can utilize sheet metal or asphalt shingles to meet your roofing needs, and our extensive experience helps us determine what exactly you need.

We always encourage customers looking for quality roofing services to get multiple opinions and multiple quotes to be sure that they know what they’re dealing with when it comes to roof repair. HBSI takes great pride in being the company that customers turn to after receiving the quotes because we are one of the leaders in Southeastern Idaho’s roofing industry.

Our knowledgeable team makes sure that you understand from the get-go exactly what our process is and assures that you receive top-tier workmanship and the highest-quality material for all clients. As we install your roof, you will be involved every step of the way.

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