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How To Find Exterior Home Repair Contractors Near You

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When most people do a Google search for “exterior home repair contractors near me,” it’s likely because there is a problem that needs immediate attention. Maybe their vinyl siding has been damaged by an aggressive hail storm. Perhaps a window was broken during a game of backyard baseball. Or it could mean that a tree branch was blown out of a tree, resulting in a large puncture in their roof.

Whatever the case may be, whenever disaster strikes (or just regular wear and tear that happens over time) you are going to want to hire the right exterior home repair contractor for the job. 

We have been in the home repair business for over 20 years and we know a thing or two about what makes an exterior contractor worth hiring. Whether you need new rain gutters installed, a roof repaired, or even a door hinge adjustment, we can help you make the right choice when it comes to hiring a home exterior contractor.

Obviously, we would love to serve you. But we also want you to be able to make the right decision when you do your research to find the best exterior home repair contractor near you. We have put together this helpful “how to” guide that you can use to make an informed decision. Even if you don’t choose us, we’ll take pride in knowing you are making the right choice based on solid and factual information.

What To Look For In A Quality Home Exterior Contractor

It’s very likely that you’ve seen a bunch of exterior contractors who claim that they’re “the best.” Just do a Google search for “best exterior home contractor near me” and you will probably see dozens of home repair companies in the search results. You may recognize some of them. Others, you may not. This is where you need to do a bit of research. Anybody with a few dollars in their bank account can launch a simple website. Even more of them can create a Google Maps listing for free. But none of them can prove their expertise like the home exterior contractors who have been in the business for a decent amount of time.

So, how can you tell which ones are legit and which ones are simply a fly-by-night home contractor?

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How To Find Quality

With just a little bit of research, you will be able to separate the chaff from the wheat. Follow these steps to find the good home repair contractors.

  1. Visit their website and look around. The home repair contractors who keep an updated photo gallery are likely the ones who take pride in their work. A lack of images of the actual work they have performed should be a red flag. Visit their “About Us” page. This is where a legit business will detail their experience, qualifications, and involvement in their community. If they only have a vague sentence or two that seems like anybody could have written it, beware.
  2. Read online reviews. Great home exterior contractors take pride in providing superior service and they go out of their way to obtain feedback from their customers. Crummy businesses don’t want bad reviews to surface and may take steps to limit the number of places they can be found. Pay special attention to businesses that post replies to the reviews that they receive. The home contractors who do that are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. The best places to find exterior contractor reviews include:
  3. Ask your neighbors. Word of mouth is, by far, the most effective marketing that any home exterior contractor will benefit from. Good contractors get recommended by those who have received excellent service. Shady contractors are warned against by those whom they have slighted. A great place to check is, an online platform for neighbors to share their experiences with good and bad businesses alike. is free and full of people from your neighborhood who are more than willing to give you a great recommendation.

What To Expect From A Qualified Home Exterior Contractor

You’ve done your research and narrowed down your list of home contractor candidates. What next?

Conduct An Interview With 3 Exterior Contractors

It is our recommendation that you interview at least three home contractors that you believe may be a good fit for you. Don’t settle for the first one that you think might be the best for you and your needs. We’ve been interviewed many times. Sometimes we’re the right company for our clients. Other times, we may not be. The interview process allows you to get to know who you’re going to allow to come into your home. A good exterior contractor will answer any and all questions you may have. They will describe their processes clearly and professionally. And, most importantly, they will give you an honest and accurate quote for their services. You will not be able to know if your candidate is being honest with you if you don’t know what other home contractors are going to tell you.

Verify Their Licenses and Credentials

Home exterior contractors are required by state and local laws to keep and maintain valid licenses and certifications for the various services that they provide. You should be able to easily find their license number(s) on their website (ours is #RCE-8866 and can be found in the footer of this website). You can verify their license by contacting your state’s licensing board website (here’s where you can verify contractor licenses in Idaho). 

A Contract

When you have chosen the right home exterior contractor for your needs, it’s time to get down to business. Sit down with your contractor and negotiate ground rules and expectations. These are all things that should be detailed in your contract: 

  • The contractor’s contact and professional information (license number from above)
  • Exact work that will be performed. This needs to be as detailed as possible to avoid unexpected expenses should the contractor do more or less than they promised.
  • A payment plan.
  • The permits that the home exterior contractor is expected to obtain and what permits you are expected to obtain.
  • Remediation processes for disagreements and breach of contract.
  • Any clauses that govern a termination of work and extension of work that protects both you and the home contractor.

Consider HBSI When Searching For A Home Exterior Contractor Near You

We understand that it can be a bit overwhelming to search for the best home exterior contractor for your needs. While this information is intended to help you make the best decision for you and your home, we believe that the best first step is to begin your research with us, HBSI. 

Check out our service offerings to see if we have what it takes to serve you. Then, compare us with our competitors. If you find yourself coming back to our website, go ahead and give us a call. Or, request an estimate. We’d be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.