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Why To Use Rain Gutter Exterior Contractor Services

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Having quality gutters is important not only because they can protect your home, but also because it impacts the curb appeal of your property. Most individuals think that installing gutters is a simple project. While it can be, it is better to use exterior contractor services as they can deal with all the situations you won’t be expecting in a DIY. If your gutter system leads into the ground, it’s far more than a routine home improvement project.

Why Have Rain Gutters

A rain gutter essentially protects your home from concerning water damage to the foundation and the greenery. Additional water flow can cause rot and general damage in and outside of the building. It also helps regulate ice flow in the winter, protecting roofs’ longevity and function. This is especially true in the case of poor insulation.

Rain gutter contractors work with individuals to determine what type of gutter will look best on their homes. They also help transport heavy material, offer professional recommendations, and utilize their own tools and experience to install your gutter pieces to the soffit. Often they have connections with a roofing contractor who can help with a roof inspection prior to installation, ensuring it will be as effective as possible.

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Each type of gutter has its benefits and drawbacks. Certain parts are better for preserving the particular look of a house. Other materials or installation processes are better at retaining a good seal. Some also work better with certain house designs made to bear weight or have smaller connecting areas.

Gutters are often made out of either metal or vinyl. Both sturdy types are resistant to water damage and repairable – or replaceable – while still being relatively cost-effective. They are both malleable enough to use as a whole single piece as well as being sectioned out. They both have benefits and drawbacks for installation.


Metal gutters have an advantage in the fact that they are easy to work with and resilient to weather in residential areas. A lot of homeowners prefer metal because it has more curb appeal. Remodeling with metal can match better with a more modern style. Metal is more likely to rust if not treated or installed properly, which can create weak spots.

Metal is also easier to dent, although it will hold up better during any storm or hail damage. It will need upkeep to ensure the sealant won’t be damaged to let rust set in and allow water damage. Metal’s uniqueness allows for easier repairs for small holes, dents, or shifts — especially if using copper. But more ridged metals will mean the need to replace a whole new section.

While very good at directing water flow and very durable, metal can be a tricky investment without professional direction. Ensure that you have training working with attaching metal to types of siding materials before doing a DIY, or call an exterior contractor to give you an assessment of how it will work best.


This is a common product for home exteriors and is used everywhere from vinyl siding and window frames. Vinyl installers know that the material is surprisingly heavy. A gutter made from vinyl is actually heavier than metal gutters, and it can cause some issues for individuals with less gutter installation experience.

This can be caused by anything from unloading the vinyl to adding holes where they don’t belong. If not installed correctly, they can bend and sag. This means they will need replacing much sooner, and they have a chance to damage the parts of the roof they are connected to.

gutter that has a whole in it during rain

When Project Issues Arise

Utilizing siding contractors can be best for knowing what to do with actual problems with the soffit or the fascia, especially in knowing if anything is impacting the roof or the building interior. The best rain gutter installation is planned out and prepared for beforehand.

Having your roofing material checked before you start a gutter project will help ensure you know how to deal with potential problem areas and avoid problems from the get-go. They can give you advice or help install siding or roofing materials to the home’s exterior or interior if needed. If roof replacement is in order before you get gutters, especially in an area where snow buildup around a gutter would cause leaking and damage, they can find good services to help.

A professional industry team can do this for you with a variety of tools available to them after years of experience. HB Siding offers this and other exterior contractor work to ensure your home is the safest and prettiest it can be.