HB Siding – The #1 Choice Among Local Boise Quality Roofing Contractors.

If you live in the Treasure Valley, it’s essential to have a quality roof on your home to protect you from the harshest Idaho elements and to keep your home dry.

This is especially true during the fall, winter, and spring seasons when heavy rains, snowfall, and strong winds dominate the weather. Any weak points in your roof can allow unwanted moisture to find its way inside, where it can cause extensive damage to your home and cause for a roof replacement. To ensure your roof is in the best possible shape, turn to the quality roofing experts at HB Siding. With HB Siding you will find all your roofing needs met with quality roofing materials and quality roofing contractors. If you are looking for great customer service look no further.

Our Promise Of Quality Roofing

roof element - HBSI Roofing

Owens Corning Quality Roofing System

We use the best in quality roofing for your home. Using the best in the industry with the Owens Corning roofing system. Your home is an investment and your roof is your #1 investment. Let us give you peace of mind and quality roofing that will last you a 50 years into the future. We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee.

We Offer A 50 Year Warranty & 100% Transferrable Policy

Having quality roofing is more than just the product and the process, but the warranty that comes with the roof. With the best roofing materials and having a trusted roofing contractor, you can have ease of mind with your roofing services. We don’t want you to worry about any roof maintenance you might have due to storm damage. Let us take care of all of that with our amazing warranty! This new roof warranty is 100% transferrable from home owner to home owner.

Pain Free Payments & Pain Free Process For You

HB Siding is all about customer satisfaction. Getting the high quality roofing you need can be scary because of the cost. HB Siding is here to tell you that you deserve high quality roofing without breaking the bank! Part of the pain free process is payment options, financing, and we will work with almost any credit score.

Unmatched Quality Roofing Services

Based in Meridian, Idaho, and serving communities throughout the Treasure Valley, HB Siding has earned the trust of local homeowners thanks to our dedication to providing the highest quality roofing services. One of the ways we stand apart from other roofing contractors is that our installers are extensively trained and have years of experience in the home improvement and roof repair industry. Our roofing contractors are dedicated to providing superb craftsmanship to satisfy our homeowner’s needs – a commitment that has helped us earn an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and numerous American Manufacturers.

Another way we as a roofing contractor set ourselves apart from other Boise roofing companies is that we use only the highest quality roofing components – Owens Corning – to protect our customer’s most valuable possessions. We pride ourselves on being an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. With us, you can expect unparalleled professionalism, reliability, and craftsmanship.

What We Offer In Quality Roofing

HB Siding Is Your Best Source For The Following Quality Roofing Services:


Whether your roof is showing signs of roof replacement problems or you would like to improve your home’s curb appeal, HB Siding can help increase your home’s comfort and value. From planning to implementation, we provide expert re-roofing services at a competitive price.

Quality Roofing Installation

A new quality roofing installation increases your home’s value and better protects you from the harshest Idaho elements. At HB Siding, we offer only the finest products with excellent roofing contractor at an affordable price.

Metal Roofing

At HB Siding, we offer a full range of metal roof systems to accommodate any residential or commercial roofing design. We are proud to provide only the highest quality metal roof products with unparalleled craftsmanship.

Our Quality Roofing Process

construction pieces of a roof from above


Part of our quality roofing process starts with roof inspections of what your roof needs. We will inspect the attic and see how your old roof held up to previous weather conditions. Once we’ve done this inspection, we will tear all of your roofing off down to the decking. There we will see what type of  roof replacement that will need to take place. Now that we’ve uncovered and can see all the damage we can make a plan of action, we will sit down and talk to you about the process that we are going to go through to make these roof replacement and let you ask us any questions that you may have about our roof replacement process.

construction pieces of a roof


Since we’ve now discussed what your roof replacement will and will not look like, we will get to work. We will first start with laying down 3 ft of the Titanium PSU 30 from the eaves of your roof and up. This will also be placed into the valleys of the roof. The drip edge and the rake of your roof will be covered as well. This is an ice and water protection that will keep water from settling on your roof. Now it’s time for the fire protectant. We use a grade A, Owens Corning Pull Armor Synthetic Underlayment, this can stay out in the sun for 30 days (we will be done way before then). The last step is covering all your plumbing vents. Ultimate Pipe Jacks will cover your vents and this is a LIFE TIME product. It has durable thick metal and the plastic will not tear or diminish in the sunlight. 

inner layer of construction pieces for roofing


To start this process putting on the shingles, we will lay down the starter strip. This will be glued down on the first 1 inch of your new quality roof. The adhesive used will give resistance up to 130 MPH winds and keep it from peeling up. Now we will start the install of your shingles. Your New shingles product will be the Duration Owens Corning Shingle sure nail technology (patented). This will provide double layer protection of the common bond area. The strip will have a triple adhesion glue for stability. The fabric nail strip is what sets this product apart, the pull test on this product has outlasted any other pull test.

outer layer of construction pieces of a roof


Now it’s time to finish up your new high quality roofing project. Keeping your house breathing with good ventilation is key to making sure moisture won’t settle in your attic. We follow the 1 in 300 rule. We will make sure that you have intakes every 300 SQFT of your house to keep air moving. Then we will install the ridge system. This will be installed by cutting 1 1/2 inches into the ridge and install the 4 ft sections of the ridge system on the ridge of the roof. This will get nailed into the roof beam by 3 1/2 inch galvanized nails. The final step is the install of pre-bent deco ridge with double layers to protect the double ridge. Just like that, your new quality roofing process is done!

Exterior Home Remodeling Testimonials

  • Joe Bureau was so easy to work with! Having built 2 other homes and experiencing the pain of difficult home builders we were so happy to find a Contractor who knew what he was doing! He supplied us with excellent subs that performed high quality results! Thank you Joe!

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    Barbara Jacobson
  • I have dealt with Jim Herwy at HB Siding on more than one occasion, and have found him to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable in his field and honest as the day is long. Over the years he has replaced windows, painted and replaced siding and roofing for me, and if there was ever an issue it was dealt with promptly and without fail! I appreciate the overall professionalism and value in dealing with HB Siding!

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    Joanna Phillips
  • I have dealt with Jim Herwy at HB Siding on more than one occasion, and have found him to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable in his field and honest as the day is long. Over the years he has replaced windows, painted and replaced siding and roofing for me, and if there was ever an issue it was dealt with promptly and without fail! I appreciate the overall professionalism and value in dealing with HB Siding!

    Read More
    Joanna Phillips
  • Great company to work with, very trustworthy, highly recommended!

    Read More
    Josh Olswanger
  • Joe Bureau has helped us with many jobs over the years both directly and by referral. He and his company are trustworthy and offer solid work. Will use and refer in the future!

    Read More
    Shauna Ellefson
  • We had our roof replaced with HBSI. Kent walked us thru the entire project and explained materials used and why. Crew was on time, got the entire job done in 2 days. Price was fair and job was done very professionally. Great clean up after project. Would highly recommend. Kent is great to work with!

    Read More
    Gerald Pitts
  • The company representative, Kent Shannon, was forthright with us during the preliminary discussions/negotiations and throughout the replacement of our entire fascia, soffit, gutters, and one window. He knows his products well and explained them very well. We like to think about spending our hard earned money and he was willing to give us plenty of time to mull over our options with other products and contractors. The work was completed quickly but not rushed. Workers showed up reliably on time and were always willing to answer questions. And of most importance, the quality of the work was outstanding. I would definitely contract with HBSI and Kent Shannon again. After the work was completed, our painting contractor reduced by his price by $800 because of the fine quality of caulking that HB Siding did. Painter was intending to do considerable amount of caulking but said he now saw no need.

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    Frank Marsh
  • These folks replaced our windows in our home! The quality of work was amazing. The length is time to get our windows was extremely ridiculous, but I believe that COVID had everything to do with that! Kent Shannon was amazing to deal with then and now! Referred my family to him and they were also very pleased with his service and his response! I would recommend them!

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    Mary Mendiola
  • HBSI Siding company did a great job repairing our siding, trims, and fascia boards. They listened to our concerns and addressed the concerns in a timely manner. After the repair job is done, they even did a though job caulking. Their sales process is straight forward and the sales rep Kent Shannon made sure the whole process from signing the deal to repairing job are carried through in a satisfactory manner. Their construction team is very hard-working and knowledgeable. I am very pleased with the siding/fascia/trim repair job.

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    Bev T
  • Awesome company to work with. They did a great job installing our new siding. Will definitely recommend them.

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    Melissa Marshall
  • We have worked with HB Siding for many years. Joe Bureau is easy to work with and works well within your budget. They provide timely service and excellent work. Joe is very knowledgeable and will help you through all stages of your project. I would highly recommend HB Siding for your needs.

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    Cyndie Loftus
  • We had windows replaced this spring [2020]. We couldn't be happier with the windows or the contractor that installed them, Master Contractors. It was quite noticeable, during the hot part of the summer that the windows kept out house at a very nice temperature! Shouldn't say this but can't wait for the cold of winter to prove their worth in keeping the cold out! I haven't a doubt in the world that they will be just as effective doing that.
    Couldn't ask for a better sales rep to work with than Kent Shannon. Kudos, Sir!
    I would highly recommend HB Siding for any of their products.

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    Ann Parker
  • We worked with Kent at HB siding and he was amazing!!!!! He worked with our budget and gave us a good deal. He is very responsive and made sure we were well taken care of. We had 7 new windows installed and the guys that installed the windows did a GREAT JOB!!!! Looking forward to work with Kent again in the future... Thanks HB Siding!!!!!

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    Yvette Viramontes
  • Kent set a high standard for customer service when I had my roof replaced. He walked me through the process and was true to his word. He came by each day as the roof was being removed and reinstalled . I now have the best looking roof in the neighborhood!

    Read More
    Kathy McIntire
  • The crew is very professional and good. They showed up around 7am and was finished by 9:30 pm. Very clean and great workmanship

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    T Dealy
  • Kent is a pro, and the crew was outstanding, I almost don't recognize the house. Great job, completely satisfied.

    Read More
    Tim Boothby
  • Great company to work with, very trustworthy, highly recommended!

    Read More
    Josh Olswanger
  • We had some cracked siding on our new home. We were out of our warranty period, but HB Siding sent Romero over to take a look and repair. He spent a great deal of time here and fixed everything perfectly, including painting the replaced boards. We are so grateful that they honored their workmanship and repaired our siding. I would call them anytime I needed help!

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    Donna Hageman
  • HB Siding put a new roof on my house! Kent worked really well with me to stay within my budget. They did a great job and were very professional. They helped me out when another roofing company stole my money and never completed my roof. HB Siding was there for me! Thank you

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    Bettie Cavanaugh
  • I have dealt with Jim Herwy at HB Siding on more than one occasion, and have found him to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable in his field and honest as the day is long. Over the years he has replaced windows, painted and replaced siding and roofing for me, and if there was ever an issue it was dealt with promptly and without fail! I appreciate the overall professionalism and value in dealing with HB Siding!

    Read More
    Joanna Phillips

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