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HB Siding combines top home window installation specialists with industry-leading products to deliver beautiful, high-quality window replacement results that last.

Few home improvement projects will add beauty and value to your home as quickly as our American made ProVia windows and siding. Replacement windows not only boost the aesthetic value of your home, they protect you from the elements and unwanted intruders.

Unparalleled Service

Unparalleled service and quality set HB Siding apart from the competition in the Treasure Valley. We understand that every home is different, and every owner has individual needs. We promise to provide you with expert assistance every step of the way from choosing the right replacement windows to installation. Your window installation cost will be set up with us through payment options for ease and affordability. Each of our customers receives the highest quality service based on delivering outstanding results on time and on any window installation cost budget. We will provide you with a detailed inspection to ensure your window replacement plan meets and surpasses your expectations. With us, you’re not just a customer; you’re a part of the HB Siding family.

Innovative Product Design

Whether you’re remodeling or rebuilding, our Boise/Meridian replacement windows and siding company is your source for an impressive array of innovative products. We know that every home is different and requires certain care and effort to find the right replacement windows. At HB Siding, we can provide you with a wide variety of styles, shapes, and window replacement systems tailored to the unique design of your home. We can do any style that your existing window will call for. We will give you high energy efficient windows with any design. If the project calls for a bay windows, a replacement of an existing frame, or your wanting to replace all your old windows with new high quality windows. We offer only elite products manufactured by ProVia, Alside, and more.

Our Window Installation Process And Promise Of Quality

hands with gear and energy efficiency element - HBSI Boise

Energy Efficient

The number one reason anyone looks into getting new windows, is because their old windows are too drafty. Whether you’re feeling the cold Idaho air in the winter or can’t seem to keep your house cool in the summer. We know that wasting money because your old windows aren’t as energy efficient as you would like them to be, can be annoying and frustrating. Replacing windows with our ProVia windows will immediately make your windows energy efficient and add cost savings to your home. We offer multiple styles from vinyl windows that look like wood windows, to white on white, to beige and so much more! ProVia windows are rated #1 for energy efficiency in Remodel Magazine! HB Siding will guarantee 30-40% more efficient windows with you whole house window installation.

arched-window element - HBSI Boise

Window Frames

When you’ve got older windows through out your home it can cause some concern. This can be anything from feeling a draft, safety concerns at night, or even just ease of opening and closing a window. Whether you’re wanting custom windows or just wanting new high quality window frame that will help lower your utility bills, HB Siding has the window frame that you want with the warranty you want! The ProVia window frames that we use are Amish made frames. The virgin vinyl frame has multiple chambers for strength. Your new replacement windows will have a fusion welded frame (no cheap glue), clean seams, and strong durability in you new full frame windows. The double spaced glass with an SST spacer that is made our rubber instead of aluminum for optimal seal in heat and cold. With the new install of your windows, you’ll enjoy the ease of 1 finger pull down and safety locks on both lower and upper windows. All of this comes with a Lifetime Warranty!

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Window Sashes

Why would you need to know about the sashes in your window? Sashes are a key part of keeping your window from allowing condensation in on the in between the panes of glass. The sashes are made up of patented IInergy Core Fiberglass. This fiberglass is 700X more efficient and stronger than anything on the market! This will help your entire window system to cut down on energy transfer, condensation, and helps with strength and resilience towards the elements. We are serious about your window replacement and promise the best in quality.

open-window element - HBSI Boise

Window Screen

Having a good screen to go along with your newly installed window is just as important as the new window you just had installed! The screens that we provide are different than leading competitors. Most window screen have a hollow aluminum frame. The problem with this type of frames is that they bend and warp easy with cleaning and sun exposure. At HB Siding we use extruded aluminum that is pressed by 1 million PSI for a solid aluminum frame. To add extra security to this solid frame, the edges are mitered together. When it comes to screen itself, we have a real weaved screen. This allows for smart technology for easy repair on holes. All you have to do is rub on each side of the hole and it’s fixed! To top it all off, we offer a Lifetime Warranty!

What Does Our Warranty Look Like For Your New Windows?

We have a LIFETIME warranty on our windows. Yes, you read that right! LIFETIME warranty! This Warranty for your window replacement of your new custom windows will be for a lifetime and can be transferred to new home owner for as long as they live in the house. This even includes if the occasional baseball, golfball, any ball really that may end up breaking the glass. We will cover that for a LIFETIME for your new window replacement with us at HBSiding.

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inside dining room with single-hung vertical sliding windows

See What People Are Saying About HBSiding Windows

Still haven’t been able to decided whether or not to use us for you next project? We don’t want to keep you in the dark about what are customers are saying about their newly installed windows. In fact, we want to BRAG about it! Check out what our customers have to say about their experience with their professional window replacement.

HB Siding – Meridian Windows

At HB Siding, we want you to be 100% satisfied with your new window replacement. To make sure your windows perform at peak performance, we will:
  • Help you select the best replacement windows that are suitable for your home and meet your specific style preferences. We have all possible design possibilities that you will need for your new vinyl windows.
  • Provide you with the highest-quality window replacement from leading industry manufacturers for a precise fit for your home.
  • Install your new window replacement project with highly trained, licensed, bonded, and insured installation technicians.
  • Provide you with warranties to back up our window replacement and installation labor.

Exterior Home Remodeling Testimonials

  • We have worked with HB Siding for many years. Joe Bureau is easy to work with and works well within your budget. They provide timely service and excellent work. Joe is very knowledgeable and will help you through all stages of your project. I would highly recommend HB Siding for your needs.

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    Cyndie Loftus
  • Very impressed with the high level of customer service. Insurance adjuster commented that the new roof we had installed is high quality. Thank you, Kent.

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    Georgena Russell
  • The company representative, Kent Shannon, was forthright with us during the preliminary discussions/negotiations and throughout the replacement of our entire fascia, soffit, gutters, and one window. He knows his products well and explained them very well. We like to think about spending our hard earned money and he was willing to give us plenty of time to mull over our options with other products and contractors. The work was completed quickly but not rushed. Workers showed up reliably on time and were always willing to answer questions. And of most importance, the quality of the work was outstanding. I would definitely contract with HBSI and Kent Shannon again. After the work was completed, our painting contractor reduced by his price by $800 because of the fine quality of caulking that HB Siding did. Painter was intending to do considerable amount of caulking but said he now saw no need.

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    Frank Marsh
  • I have dealt with Jim Herwy at HB Siding on more than one occasion, and have found him to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable in his field and honest as the day is long. Over the years he has replaced windows, painted and replaced siding and roofing for me, and if there was ever an issue it was dealt with promptly and without fail! I appreciate the overall professionalism and value in dealing with HB Siding!

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    Joanna Phillips
  • We had some cracked siding on our new home. We were out of our warranty period, but HB Siding sent Romero over to take a look and repair. He spent a great deal of time here and fixed everything perfectly, including painting the replaced boards. We are so grateful that they honored their workmanship and repaired our siding. I would call them anytime I needed help!

    Read More
    Donna Hageman
  • Joe Bureau was so easy to work with! Having built 2 other homes and experiencing the pain of difficult home builders we were so happy to find a Contractor who knew what he was doing! He supplied us with excellent subs that performed high quality results! Thank you Joe!

    Read More
    Barbara Jacobson
  • One of your employees Kent came by our house to look at a leak we were having from our roof. He looked at the roof and noticed our roof vents were allowing some water to come in. He said that is something we could fix ourselves. He told me what to purchase. I did and it worked great. I would really like to thank him and your company for your honesty. I would definitely use them in the future and would recommend them if you need a consultation or some work done. Thank you again.

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    Zac Walker
  • HBSI Siding company did a great job repairing our siding, trims, and fascia boards. They listened to our concerns and addressed the concerns in a timely manner. After the repair job is done, they even did a though job caulking. Their sales process is straight forward and the sales rep Kent Shannon made sure the whole process from signing the deal to repairing job are carried through in a satisfactory manner. Their construction team is very hard-working and knowledgeable. I am very pleased with the siding/fascia/trim repair job.

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    Bev T
  • HB Siding put a new roof on my house! Kent worked really well with me to stay within my budget. They did a great job and were very professional. They helped me out when another roofing company stole my money and never completed my roof. HB Siding was there for me! Thank you

    Read More
    Bettie Cavanaugh
  • We recently had a new roof put on by this company, and we are more than satisfied. It turned out beautiful (who would have thought a roof could be beautiful) and we couldn't be happier. We are especially pleased with how quickly it all went from the choosing of the roof color to the end result. Kent was especially helpful and answered all our questions in a very professional manner. Easy to understand and in layman's terms. The greatest thing about the whole experience was how quickly it was done...just one day. I must say that the crew was very polite and nice as well as being fast and staying on task. We will be contacting you again regarding other products when we are ready. Thanks so much Kent, we count you among friends.

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    Roger and Patty Fry
  • We worked with Kent at HB siding and he was amazing!!!!! He worked with our budget and gave us a good deal. He is very responsive and made sure we were well taken care of. We had 7 new windows installed and the guys that installed the windows did a GREAT JOB!!!! Looking forward to work with Kent again in the future... Thanks HB Siding!!!!!

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    Yvette Viramontes
  • I have dealt with Jim Herwy at HB Siding on more than one occasion, and have found him to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable in his field and honest as the day is long. Over the years he has replaced windows, painted and replaced siding and roofing for me, and if there was ever an issue it was dealt with promptly and without fail! I appreciate the overall professionalism and value in dealing with HB Siding!

    Read More
    Joanna Phillips
  • Joe Bureau has helped us with many jobs over the years both directly and by referral. He and his company are trustworthy and offer solid work. Will use and refer in the future!

    Read More
    Shauna Ellefson
  • Quality, Punctuality, Responsiveness I really recommend this company because I like the professionalism and punctuality with their work.

    Read More
    Reyna Garcia
  • Great company to work with, very trustworthy, highly recommended!

    Read More
    Josh Olswanger
  • Kent set a high standard for customer service when I had my roof replaced. He walked me through the process and was true to his word. He came by each day as the roof was being removed and reinstalled . I now have the best looking roof in the neighborhood!

    Read More
    Kathy McIntire
  • We had windows replaced this spring [2020]. We couldn't be happier with the windows or the contractor that installed them, Master Contractors. It was quite noticeable, during the hot part of the summer that the windows kept out house at a very nice temperature! Shouldn't say this but can't wait for the cold of winter to prove their worth in keeping the cold out! I haven't a doubt in the world that they will be just as effective doing that.
    Couldn't ask for a better sales rep to work with than Kent Shannon. Kudos, Sir!
    I would highly recommend HB Siding for any of their products.

    Read More
    Ann Parker
  • Kent Shannon was excellent to work with he helped me from start to Finish all the way thru the process. Roof looks better than any roof in my neighborhood. The Crew was excellent and hard working. Would highly recommend for any type of work.

    Read More
    Kathy V
  • The crew is very professional and good. They showed up around 7am and was finished by 9:30 pm. Very clean and great workmanship

    Read More
    T Dealy
  • I had just moved into my newly built dream home. 6 weeks later a big hole was in my siding on the side of my new home. Was it the gardener or the landscapers? I thought... here we go, it's going to be a battle to prove who did it. I called and spoke to Jacquelyn to get a price quote and she said 'let me just take care of that for you'. You shouldn't have to be going through this right after you move in. A few days later Ramirro came out and fixed the problem and did it with such a great attitude. So refreshing! Then followed up with a call from Bobbi just to make sure all was good. It is so nice to know there are still businesses that actually care about the customer and go the extra mile to make their lives easier. Many blessings on this business.

    Read More
    Liaza Richardson

HB Siding, Inc.

With our home improvement services, we provide Treasure Valley homeowners with high-quality window products that are ENERGY STAR® rated for maximum energy efficiency that withstands the harshest Idaho weather conditions. For more information about window installation in your home, contact our team of window specialists today.